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...have the Skills and Ambition to become professional photographers.

     At their core, Bryant Carlin and Anthony Alan are experienced woodsmen with a deep rooted love for the outdoors. Their experience and admiration for Nature is likewise reflected in their photographs, genuinely making their pictures one of a kind.

     CarlinAlan's images transport the viewer to grounds where humans rarely set foot. But not only is a unique locale or subject depicted in their photos, CarlinAlan also communicate the emotions of that experience. This unique photo-journalistic skill is achieved by combining their camera skills, artistic eye, knowledge of the woods, and ambition to succeed.

     Whether its complete speechlessness and awe while watching an alpine sunset, or stealthily stalking an elk herd to silently spy two bull elks in combat, CarlinAlan have witnessed and recorded Nature's splendor.

     Over the past 3 years, CarlinAlan's training grounds have primarily been the Olympic National Park (on the NW corner of Washington State). There our duo have camped for over 200 days and amassed a library of over 8,000 shots. And these impressive amateur feats were accomplished during their time off from work! Clearly, CarlinAlan would be a valuable and dedicated asset to any photography agency.

CarlinAlan atop Grey Wolf Pass

     Furthermore, CarlinAlan recently self-financed an intensive 90 day photographic expedition through the Queets Valley of the Olympic Rainforest. During this once in a lifetime adventure, CarlinAlan were privileged to capture on film some of Mother Nature's rarest and most precious jewels from her oldest vaults. Fragile wildflowers to majestic Roosevelt elk, glaciated peaks where the river begins to the moss blanketed valley floor, CarlinAlan have documented this isolated ecosystem in amazing depth.

     All and all, CarlinAlan have survived many adventures and captured on film some of Mother Nature's secrets. Their cameras have gathered colors of incredible magnificence and subjects of untouchable beauty. During their journeys, our photographers have finely tuned their artistic and outdoors skills. All these reasons and more make CarlinAlan ready to ascend from the amateur level to professional photographers.

CarlinAlan Photography

...not just photographers, but adventurers for hire.

CarlinAlan Photography
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Mark Ostler atop Clahoney Ridge

     CarlinAlan want to extend a big thank you to Mark Ostler for designing this beautiful website. Mark's our website designer, traveling companion, and a friend.

And a big thank you for taking an interest in our website portfolio!

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